6 Very Personal Information That Amazon’s Alexa Knows About You

Amazon has become such a huge success in the online platform that its limits seem to be virtually limitless. And with the innovation and introduction of Alexa to the mix, it seems like Amazon has scaled to heights never before seen in the world. But what does Alexa really do? That is the question this article aims to answer today.

Well, for one, Alexa collects your data and attempts to build shopping as well as advertisement profile using this data. Not to sell it to the highest bidder like most of the other businesses has done time and again.

Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant is making waves in the market. You can ask it just about anything and expect an answer. From when your next dentist appointment will be on our detailed to-do list and it will give you an accurate response. Provided you link your calendar to the app of course. Amazon says that Alexa is designed to know only the things that you tell her and want her to know. And another crazy fact is that she never forgets them. But what do you really share with Amazon’s Alexa? And what personal information does Alexa really know about you? And can you really take any of it back if you ever change your mind about it one day?

1. What you say

Alexa is designed to hear every word that you say within its sphere of influence. But most of this information is never really stored or sent to the cloud. Instead, products like Alexa are programmed to work by using a ‘hot word’ for it to operate or do any command you have set it to do whenever it hears the word. Even so, it might still be a good idea to be careful about what you say around these beauties as everything that’s electronic always has the tendency of being exploited and hacked.

2. How Amazon uses your data

It all now comes down to the data that has been collected by Alexa and uploaded to the Amazon cloud. Amazon isn’t in the business of selling the data they collect to other companies. Like Google, Amazon is more concerned about how it can use this data to build a marketing profile of you. You may be surprised to find Amazon showing you products that are friendly to your budget and are relevant to a person of your age and sex.

3. Your interests

Amazon strives to know as much as it can about what you buy online and Alexa also helps here by the data that it collects. Statistics have shown that over 75% of all Americans who shop online use Amazon a majority of the time.

4. Promote advertisements

The data collected by Alexa are also used to build and promote advertisements that relate more to your interests and what you would want to buy online. The sweet catch here is that the users are shown the products that they are more likely going to buy which can trigger them to buy the products.

5. Share your data

None of the data that are collected by Alexa is shared by Amazon, and if they did, then they would end up losing a lot of money. Amazon doesn’t sell, rent, share or otherwise disclose personally identifiable information about its customers.

6. Personal information

It is not always clear when Alexa is listening in on what you are saying which may seem to be invasive. And as mentioned earlier, Alexa will record what it hears but will never upload or store any of the data it collects unless it is directly instructed to do so using the hot word.