Five Facts About Alice Marie Johnson After Trump & Kim Meeting

Alice Marie, a 63-year-old granny, is currently serving a life sentence term in federal prison simply because she was involved in a non-violent drug crime. This sentence looks to be too harsh, especially when you consider the situation and the reason for the arrest and sentence. On 30th Mat, 2018, the reality star, Kim Kardashian West took to the white house to try and talk to the officials in an attempt to get an explanation why such a sentence was imposed at the hearing of Alice’s case.

But when you also look into the situation and assess it, you might also agree that the sentence seemed rather unfair. Not only is it a life sentence without the possibility of parole, but also the fact that the incident or crime was a nonviolent one makes the whole case look to be quite unfair and unjust. This article has gathered five things that you might be interested to know about Alice Marie after the Trump and Kim meeting.

1. Who is Alice Marie Johnson?

Alice was born on 30th May 1955. She grew up and was raised in Olive Branch, Mississippi. And at age 24, she opted to relocate to Memphis, Tennessee. Here she was later caught, tried, and convicted of drug charges. Currently, she is the mother of four and grandmother of six. In prison, she worked hard and made the most of her time and has since then become a published writer, GED volunteer, and ordained minister.

2. Why was Alice sent to prison?

At the time she divorced her husband, lost her youngest son in a motorbike accident, lost her house, and filed for bankruptcy. This was the time Alice got involved with a group that transported cocaine. She was caught in 1992 and arrested together with 15 other transporters of the drug. She was later convicted of selling cocaine and money laundering. Alice testified that she never really sold drugs, but instead, worked as a ‘telephone mule’ and passed messages between people. The federal court, however, labeled her as the leader of the drug ring and agreed to sentence her to life and 25 years in federal prison.

3. How long has Alice been in prison?

To date, Alice has been in prison for more than 21 years. Alice stays incarcerated in federal prison and will die in there unless she is granted a full pardon or clemency.

4. How did Alice become a national story?

Well, prison reform activists have been in Alice’s case to be heard for years. Kim, however, only heard about her story through a video. Many prison reform activists have been fighting for Alice’s case to be heard and take into account just how harsh the sentence was especially since it was a non-violent crime.

5. How does Alice feel about Kim Kardashian advocating on her behalf?

Alice has admitted from time to time just how difficult she finds it difficult to keep any hopes of freedom alive, especially after the Obama administration opted to release hundreds of non-violent offenders before his office handed over power to Trump’s administration. But with over two decades spent in the prison cells, Alice explains that her faith in God is what has carried her throughout the whole experience. She believes that she will one day be a free person.