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What Is The Correct PPE For Head-to-toe Protection In Mining?

People who work at mines require personal protection equipment to be able to carry out their duties everyday. This is due to the risky nature of their job. Mining safety equipment are meant to protect the entire body from any sort of injury while on duty. A good risk assessment should be done in order to determine the proper equipment that workers should have to protect themselves from harm at the mining sites. Not having proper equipment to protect yourself could lead to very serious injuries including loss of limbs and ultimately even loss of life.We are going to take a look at the different PPE that are required for head-to-toe protection in mining.

1. Head and face

Protection for the head and the face is quite possibly the most important. This protection gear includes a helmet or a very hard hat, some ear plugs and glasses as well as some face masks. These hats must have straps and must be worn at all times when I the mines to protect the head from any injury. These hard hats must meet the specifications of the respective departments of mineral resources. The eye glasses should be made of hard plastic to prevent any dust particles from getting to the eyes. They should have properties that ensure they remain clear even when in fog or dusty areas to avoid cleaning or wiping them at any point in time during the mining process. The face masks are meant to protect workers from inhaling dangerous gases below the ground.

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2. Neck,arm and upper body

A cotton suit is highly required for anyone working at a mine. Keep in mind that this is a conti suit. You should have safety indicators on you at all times. These includes stripes strategically placed on the arms as well as the legs that have reflective qualities. These stripes should also be on the back and chest. They must be reflective enough to be seen in a darkness or where there is a limited amount of light.

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3. Hand protection gear

There are so many kinds of gloves used for safety purposes in different industries. There is a standard range glove approved by the department of mineral resources and is made to meet their requirements. This brand is trusted by workers in mines all over the world.

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4. Legs and feet

The best kind of foot wear for protection in the mining industry is a pair of boots. These boots are meant to be knee high and pretty heavy duty. They have steel caps at the toes and offer the best protection for the ankles. This is the kind of boot that each and every worker at a mine should have.

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